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About SOFTwarfare

Organizations today must account for, secure, and evaluate their protections for system-to-system communications often crossing the different boundaries they establish for their technical infrastructure. SOFTwarfare is a comprehensive product platform partner who solves the integration headaches that most Our customers face, one integration at a time.

Our growth has continued as Kansas City has been a hotbed for Cyber Security talent and companies for more than two decades. Industry leading corporations for years have developed out of healthcare, navigation, telecom, energy and financial verticals making Kansas City an enterprise corporation test bed for top cyber security methodologies and architecture. The creators of SOFTwarfare founded the company with a simple software tool integrating one of the most common use cases seen in every cyber security department.   The platform, KillerAppz has grown from there to deliver high quality, reliable and secure enterprise application integrations.   SOFTwarfare is built on the blood, sweat and great culture our team has created making it one of Kansas City's greatest companies to work for.