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KillerAppz - Integration Platform-as-a-Service

With a world class product platform in KillerAppz, SOFTwarfare becomes your partner in delivering highly scale-able and reliable delivery of the middle-ware and integration vehicles that integrate and then deliver the valuable data driven and information security transactions that take place in your infrastructure daily and for audits and documentation. These highly utilized, large in number, use cases have become more normalized in the business processes that so many of us use to govern the security of our own corporate and partner infrastructure. SOFTwarfare delivers an unparalleled experience of high speed hosted and supported integration of your technical infrastructure to automate repeatable transactions between your established infrastructure and then provide assurance through monitoring that those middle-ware transactions continue to occur in a properly secured manner. Upon licensing our application, your SOFTwarfare account director helps to drive design, implementation and support of your configured KillerAppz™ platform.


Straightforward Approach to Integration

Many companies have become exhausted by know-nothing consultants who over charge and deliver lackluster engagement and delivery.  Enter SOFTwarfare.  Our team is deployed with a well orchestrated strategic design for the plan to maximize existing integrations, replacing others and management of all infrastructure integrations both OnPemises and Cloud through one integration platform-as-a service with full support and maintenance to guarantee delivery of your most valuable data where and when you need it.


Become Part of our Community

Every customer who's business we earn is pulled into the KillerAppz community.  We have made KillerAppz the most talked about new company in the space by practicing what we preach.  We turn every application our company uses into the killer app it is so meant to be by sharing the most valuable data from these platform across our organization so that the customer experience for our portfolio of customers is one of a kind and world class in service  both through digital communications, billing and in-person industry events for community building and knowledge transfer.  That is the approach to build an ever expanding platform of strength at SOFTwarfare™.