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KillerAppz Platform by SOFTwarfare

The KillerAppz Platform by SOFTwarfare allows you to get more out of the enterprise software that you license from all your vendors. Like most large and small corporations we have worked with, you probably only use 20% of the features and functionality of the software that you license as a customer from your vendors. You may have undelivered integration projects for your different systems. Let us help you re-enable those platforms you license today and turn them into the killer applications that they were meant to be when you first licensed and purchased them. We employ a standardized cloud integration methodology for secure technical integration and mapping for business and technical purposes to increase the value you get from your security and business solutions today. We monitor, maintain and support your standardized and ever-changing middleware strategy on the KillerAppz platform.

KillerAppz™ in the Cloud

Many of our customers have made, or are making the jump to a cloud dominated strategy for running their business. Some of these transitions are made all at once and some are made over time with detailed planning involved. The KillerAppz™ platform by SOFTwarfare™, when deployed, helps to streamline the process for aligning the data stores that drive your business to help generate and maintain your key revenue.  With security at an utmost importance, KillerAppz™ enhances the standardized methods for integrating your solutions, data sharing and authentication methods, to provide a more integrated and organized approach for today's modern security and networking enterprise teams.

KillerAppz™ for On-Premises architecture

Integration of On-Premises applications and data into your strategy for shared intelligence across your departments and organization is a requirement for our customers.  We can parse out the data collection process for our iPaaS solution on demand.  After all, building a dynamic networking and security infrastructure to meet the needs of your business can take on all shapes and sizes. The KillerAppz™ platform by SOFTwarfare™ is cloud enabled but not cloud dependent.  This allows Our clients and partners to deploy and maintain an integration strategy that securely integrates both cloud and On-Premises solutions.  KillerAppz™ has a flexible deployment architecture for inter-operatbility between on-premises and cloud data stores and security applications