SOFTwarfare Announces Launch of iPaaS Product for Cybersecurity and Network Operations Departments
August 2018 | Press Release

KillerAppz™ platform streamlines way that companies integrate their cybersecurity processes and infrastructure

LAS VEGAS, August 11, 2018 (Newswire.com) - SOFTwarfare, a next-generation integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS), is evolving the way companies approach integration of crucial cybersecurity systems and processes. The company has today announced KillerAppz, their latest product offering built around an architecture-driven, hybrid-integrated security platform that will help their customers and the broader cybersecurity industry to make changes to the way they integrate cyber systems. KillerAppz™ is designed and built to help companies with sensitive data to defend their assets against cyber-attacks more effectively.

In an era of changing security structure within companies, the KillerAppz platform offers an architecturally designed solution to streamline the communication of cybersecurity data and processes with the focus on continuous hardening of cybersecurity infrastructure and processes in their cybersecurity and network operations departments within dynamic business environments.

Founded in 2017, SOFTwarfare™ continues to rapidly expand throughout North America, having doubled the size of its U.S. field team. The company has strategically aligned with technology, development and go-to-market partners to achieve operations in all major markets in North America.

“We specialize in teaching our clients how to look at their existing infrastructure and enable them to seek out the most valuable ways they can automate security operations through integration of data and processes,” says SOFTwarfare CEO and co-founder Wyatt Cobb. “With the introduction of this new product offering, we are providing smarter, more valuable tools than ever before and I am extremely excited about the direction we are headed.”

Led by Cobb, who is a governance, compliance and cybersecurity veteran with more than 15 years of experience in SaaS companies, SOFTwarfare™ is enabling field teams through deep domain expertise in channel sales, marketing and product management in the cloud software and cybersecurity industries. During his tenure at previous companies, Cobb saw the approach to integration of cybersecurity systems and process for proper governance and compliance were still greatly lacking.

“Customers should be able to execute on real-time integration, but too often companies are settling for manual integration processes leaving teams to work from data sets that are no longer up-to-date or accurate or sets of data that can be largely incomplete,” says Cobb.

SOFTwarfare has additionally added two new cybersecurity resellers to its arsenal that will play key roles in expanding into the Silicon Valley, Seattle and San Diego markets.

“For our customers, the growing need for data integration between cybersecurity platforms within a cloud-hybrid environment has greatly increased and we partnered with SOFTwarfare in 2017 to help our customers when these needs arise,” says Chris Kelly, CEO and president at Support Solutions in Seattle. “KillerAppz acts as a conduit for those customers to reduce the headaches around sharing key data points between cyber platforms in a steadfast and reliable way.”

SOFTwarfare’s growth and the launch of KillerAppz come at a crucial moment for the iPaaS and cybersecurity industry. Information security departments must now work fully in sync with other departments at the company and they find themselves needing to do this in the most automated and secure method possible. The KillerAppz platform helps fill the integration gaps by quickly and securely welding systems together in today’s ever-changing rapid business environments. By streamlining communication of data between key stakeholders in unison with phenomenal integration partners, SOFTwarfare is a robust offering that can benefit any company looking to enhance their security strategy. 

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