SOFTwarfare™ Continues Growth With Addition of Acting-CFO and GSA Schedule Holder
October 2018 | Press Release

SOFTwarfare™ continues to demonstrate swift growth and momentum in cybersecurity integration markets adding significant vendor support, key advisory board members, and GSA Schedule Holder

Kansas City, Mo., October 23, 2018 (Newswire.com) - SOFTwarfare™, an industry leader for integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) in the cybersecurity landscape, continues to add key personnel and partners to help with market penetration and corporate development. Some current highlights are the addition of a new advisory board member and the appointment of their first federal partner for reselling the KillerAppz™ product platform. According to Gartner research, by the year 2021, enterprise iPaaS will be the largest market segment in application integration middleware. As SOFTwarfare™ continues to penetrate target markets, a core differentiator from other firms is the organization of their advisory board by adding elite personnel who have experience in substantial high growth environments. They have also differentiated themselves by offering the KillerAppz™ platform to the Federal Government through key purchase vehicles.

SOFTwarfare™ is clearly setting a foundation for significant growth at a high pace with the addition of their newest advisory board member and shareholder, Tim Connealy. Connealy was most notably the former CFO at Mariner Holdings, where he helped oversee the company's growth from $8 billion in assets under management to $43 billion. Prior to joining Mariner Holdings, Connealy was the COO at Dickinson Financial, a $4.5 billion multi-bank holding company. He also served as CFO at UMB Financial Corporation, a publicly traded multi-bank holding company.

"I am excited to join SOFTwarfare™ in my capacity as acting CFO and know that my skills and prior experience will help accelerate the growth of this company," said Tim Connealy when asked about this new opportunity with SOFTwarfare™. Connealy also has financial expertise that spans 25 years and his knowledge includes facilitating enterprise operational and risk management, important to the solutions that SOFTwarfare™ provides within the cyber integration landscape.

"We are very pleased to add Tim Connealy to our advisory board and future board of directors as we now target more dramatic initiatives for growth," stated Wyatt Cobb, CEO and co-founder of SOFTwarfare™. The internal sentiment at SOFTwarfare™ is overwhelmingly positive following the news of Tim Connealy joining the board as a strategic advisor and shareholder. "Tim joining our advisory board as acting CFO gives current and future investors confidence that our strategic planning around a very innovative technology platform will provide maximum return on equity," said Cobb.

Furthermore, SOFTwarfare is excited with its announcement of a strategic federal partner offering the KillerAppz™ product solutions through ADSI. Aligned Development Strategies, Inc. (ADSI) (www.goADSI.com), a leading government provider of cyber security, big data, and cloud solutions, was founded by Dale James in 1997 and continues to offer modern and steadfast IT solutions for their clients. "As a strategic technology and consulting partner to numerous government agencies, we have seen significant value in what SOFTwarfare™ can bring to government clients in the cyber application integration space," reported Dale James, ADSI CEO and Founder.

In addition to commercial IT Security resellers partnered with SOFTwarfare™, ADSI elevates visibility and access to the U.S. federal market as a contract holder for the GSA IT Schedule 70, 8(a)STARS II and DHS Eagle II contracts. The need for security in the government will continue to grow in volume and speed, and SOFTwarfare™ expects this partnership with ADSI to give firm capabilities in serving one of the largest and most important customers. "SOFTwarfare™ continues to focus on the federal space as government agencies demand more resources and methods for welding together key systems. These needs make our ability to provide KillerAppz™ through standard government purchasing vehicles a must," said Tony Simons, head of North American Sales for SOFTwarfare™.

SOFTwarfare's recent growth comes at an opportune time in the iPaaS industry's development. All firms appear to be evolving in the growth stage of this industry's life cycle with the maturity stage in the not too distant future with the value of the iPaaS industry forecasted at $3.1 Billion by 2021. SOFTwarfare's new board member brings decades of financial experience that will lead to strategic growth opportunities for SOFTwarfare™ in the following years of the industry's growth cycle. Moreover, the addition of ADSI being a reseller of SOFTwarfare's product further opens opportunities for clients of the KillerAppz™ product in both the public and private markets. The saturation of market share by the top four leaders in the iPaaS industry is quite small. With 55% of the market share being held by four firms and an additional 35% being held by a multitude of other mid-tier iPaaS vendors, industry growth is eminent and the team at SOFTwarfare™ has been curating strategic internal and external business operations in order to lead to the most amount of growth over the coming years.  Find out more about KillerAppz at www.SOFTwarfare.com.