NIST Compliance For The Public Sector

As a government entity, you are required to meet countless regulatory compliance requirements, including NIST. It is crucial that you comply not only to avoid a breach and the costs that it comes with, but also to protect your organization from the increasing number of threats, whether they be state sponsored or hacktivist groups. Government agencies are a prime target for cyber criminals. In fact, a 2019 study revealed that 88% of organizations in the public sector experienced at least one damaging attack in the past 2 years. 


Unfortunately, meeting regulatory compliance is no simple task and requires a plethora of security tools and processes. SOFTwarfare® can help government entities meet NIST 800-171 compliance requirements by providing a secure and standardized methodology for integrating mission critical assets, verifying users with continuous and step-up authentication, and enabling the automation and orchestration of security workflows. 


Authentication & Access Control

Our next-gen, biometric multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution, BioThenticate®, provides secure and continuous authentication to enable a least privileged access model for sensitive data and systems. BioThenticate® combines our proprietary, high speed iris and facial recognition with biometric sensors that exist on most smartphones to provide a frictionless user experience without compromising security.


Audit & Accountability

By standardizing a single methodology for integration, the KillerAppz® platform seamlessly integrates GRC and IRM solutions and automates the data sets pulled from the vast array of technologies used across the organization. This allows you to review and share reports with auditors all from one easily accessible location without the burden of managing a complex integration environment. Utilize Biothenticate® to monitor and report on failed and successful authentication attempts.


Incident Response

Through the orchestration and automation of security tasks, KillerAppz® enables a faster incident response time so security teams can increase efficiency and productivity without additional resources. 


Maintenance & Management

KillerAppz® is a fully managed, integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that replaces your overly complex integration environment, significantly reducing the cost and maintenance of multiple, single point connectors. We secure APIs to industry standards, and maintain integrations through versioning updates and environmental changes.

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