GRC & IRM Integration 

Maximize ROI, Minimize Risk

Most businesses, especially those in heavily regulated industries, are tasked with meeting specific compliance requirements, assessing risk, and providing supporting evidence to auditors. Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) or Integrated Risk Management (IRM) solutions help organizations complete these tasks but are not built with integration in mind and are often overly cumbersome. 


GRC and IRM tools are a big investment but can provide tremendous value to the business when configured properly. In order to be effective, these tools need to ingest data from multiple sources. Integrating key software applications into your larger ecosystem of technologies is an immense undertaking. Oftentimes, these integrations break, making it nearly impossible to extract the data you need. When it comes time for an audit, you are stuck manually importing and exporting data in order to compile your compliance artifacts.


The PangaeAPI™ platform seamlessly integrates GRC and IRM solutions and automates the data sets pulled from the vast array of technologies used across the enterprise. This allows you to review and share reports with auditors all from one easily accessible location without the burden of managing a complex integration environment.


PangaeAPI helps you get the most out of your GRC and IRM investments and provides peace of mind that your teams are effectively completing essential business practices, including:


  • Enterprise Risk Management

  • Threat Intelligence

  • Incident Response

  • Third-Party Risk Intelligence

  • Risk Exceptions & Acceptance

  • Security Information & Event Management

  • Vulnerability Management

  • Compliance Artifact Gathering