Combatting Security Sprawl With iPaaS

How iPaaS Solutions Can Integrate Tools to Better Defend Against Vulnerabilities

A recent survey of IT decision-makers conducted by Forester found that 55% of respondents currently utilize 20 or more tools for security and operations. That is an overwhelming number, especially when you consider the fact that the same survey showed that 70% of these tools lack full integration. This issue, which is often referred to as “security sprawl,” is a challenge facing many organizations today. 

So, what exactly is security sprawl?

Security sprawl occurs when companies purchase a large number of security tools that do not properly communicate with one another. And when the connectors between these tools break, they often unknowingly create gaps, vulnerabilities and back doors throughout the network. Security sprawl causes a number of expensive issues, such as wasted time and lost productivity via inefficiencies, siloed data, strains on limited staffing resources, and, perhaps most importantly, increased threat levels that leave organizations exposed and prone to attack.

How do I solve for security sprawl?

Regardless of the root cause of security sprawl, such as an acquisition where two companies join security tools or a one-off tool purchase for a specific security initiative, it is essential that the issue is addressed. The best way to do this is through the implementation of an iPaaS solution – such as PangaeAPI™, to control the flow of data and ensure that it is securely passing between applications.

Developed by SOFTwarfare, PangaeAPI™ is a revolutionary iPaaS solution that allows organizations to standardize an architecture of fully integrated systems that work seamlessly together. As organizations deploy a larger volume of complex software to conduct the business, PangaeAPI is designed to allow each platform to securely communicate with the others while ensuring that all vulnerabilities are addressed.

If you are finding that your organization may be hindered by security sprawl and the associated problems, we’re here to show you how PangaeAPI™ may be the solution you need to get it under control. Let’s talk!