Evolving Identity Security with Biometrics

January 2021 | White Paper

The SolarWinds hack left many questioning their own identity access and DevOps processes. In this white paper, we outline how Bio-factor Authentication can secure code development and deployment.

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3 Cybersecurity Tips to Protect Patient Data

November 2020 | Infographic

Healthcare organizations know what it is like to constantly have a target on their backs. Protecting patient data is a top priority but as threats increase it can be difficult to know where to begin. Check out these 3 tips to improve your security posture and protect patient data. 


This white paper will provide an introduction to iPaaS technology and explore how it can be leveraged to transform integrations in order to achieve cybersecurity outcomes for the modern enterprise.


We've broken down what to consider when deciding whether to build your own cybersecurity integrations in house or partnering with a fully managed integration vendor partner in our free infographic.


BioThenticate® is a next generation multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution. By utilizing patented biometric technology including iris, facial, and fingerprint scanning, BioThenticate® provides a secure and frictionless login experience for every user.


Simplify your integration environment with our fully managed integration platform as a service, PangaeAPI. Let us help you to maximize the value you get from your security and business solutions.

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SOFTwarfare® and Fortinet® Next-Gen Firewalls 

October 2020 | Data Sheet

Together, SOFTwarfare solutions and Fortinet® Next-Gen Firewalls automate endpoint detection and response and strengthen network access control with secure integration and biometric authentication.

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PangaeAPI and BlackBerry®  Protect Joint Solutions

October 2020 | Data Sheet

PangaeAPI establishes secure integrations between BlackBerry® Protect and other tools in your clients' security stack for improved security operations, compliance, and identity

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PangaeAPI and Palo Alto® Networks Joint Solutions

October 2020 | Data Sheet

PangaeAPI integrates Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls, CloudGenix SD-WAN, Prisma™ Cloud, and Cortex XDR with other tools in your clients' security stack for enhanced visibility and automation.


PangaeAPI and CyberArk® Joint Solutions

August 2020 | Data Sheet

Seamlessly integrate CyberArk® solutions with PangaeAPI. Customers can securely create integrations, maintain systems, and update the CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution from one interface.

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PangaeAPI and Fortinet® Joint Solutions

September 2020 | Data Sheet

Utilize PangaeAPI to establish integrations between Fortinet® solutions and other tools in the organization’s security stack for enhanced cybersecurity outcomes.

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PangaeAPI and RSA Archer Suite Joint Solutions

September 2020 | Data Sheet

Mature your Integrated Risk Management programs with PangaeAPI and RSA Archer® Suite. PangaeAPI seamlessly integrates RSA Archer with your existing cybersecurity ecosystem to maximize ROI and minimize risk.