Telecommunication providers are what keep us connected in this increasingly digital world. They are the reason every phone call, email, text message, and video call can be made. In fact, they are such an integral part of our everyday lives that we have come to rely on the services they provide in the same way we rely on water or electricity, and we expect them to function properly and in abundance.


In order to meet the communication needs of customers, providers must build and maintain a complex system of networks and store massive amounts of data. The combination of our reliance on telecom and the amount of data they have access to is what makes them a prime target for cyber-criminals.


The vast array of software solutions necessary to power and connect telecom networks creates a unique set of risks and challenges. As network carriers and service providers strive to meet the growing expectations of their customers with a faster 5G network, their integration landscape will continue to grow in complexity, leaving them vulnerable to an attack.


SOFTwarfare’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS), PangaeAPI simplifies overly complex integration environments, providing a standard methodology for API integration, improving the overall security posture of the business.