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Inroducing KillerAppz® 

Introducing KillerAppz® 

KillerAppz® is a purpose-built integration platform as a service (IPaaS) that secures, manages, and monitors mission critical integrations. By establishing a standardized integration methodology, KillerAppz® improves operational outcomes, limits attack surfaces, and reduces costs associated with API maintenance, security, and compatibility.

With KillerAppz®, your team can easily connect and integrate your various security tools in order to seamlessly share data, replacing cumbersome, time-consuming manual processes for these integrations. In addition to the tangible savings of cost and time, implementing our KillerAppz® platform improves security response time and allows your team to complete more security tasks.


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More than ever, companies need to find the best possible way to maintain, secure and monitor mission critical operations to ensure that sensitive data and applications are safeguarded from outside attacks. With KillerAppz®, we take the tedious legwork out of this process in addition to offering major benefits to any organization looking to take their security processes to the next level, including:


  • Total control over your data

  • Reduced overhead costs

  • Maximize the value of existing technologies

  • Centralized API methodology for secure API development and support

  • Improved productivity and efficiency

  • Mitigating risk by securing APIs to reduce your attack surface

  • Reduced complexity

  • Increased visibility on premise and in the cloud

  • Improved performance, including the speed and accuracy of your applications

  • Maintain regulatory compliance



There is no time like the present, especially when it comes to securely integrating all of your organization’s key software platforms. Whether you are running a small handful or dozens of security applications, KillerAppz® is the best tool available to help ensure a seamless integration and fully-protected network.


Let our team of specialists run a thorough analysis of your current structure and paint a detailed picture of how KillerAppz® can take your cyber-security game to the next level. Request a consultation below!


For more information on the KillerAppz® platform, request the data sheet.

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