Let us help you to maximize the value you get from your security and business solutions.

Developed by SOFTwarfare®, KillerAppz® is a revolutionary integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaas) that allows organizations to standardize an architecture of fully-integrated systems that work seamlessly together, resulting in a better, more secure business. As organizations deploy a larger volume of complex software to conduct the business, KillerAppz® is designed to allow each platform to securely communicate with the others while ensuring that all vulnerabilities are addressed.


Whether operating in the cloud or on-premises, the KillerAppz® platform employs a standardized integration methodology for secure technical integration and mapping to increase the value you get from your current security and business solutions. We monitor, maintain and support your standardized and ever-changing middleware strategy on the KillerAppz® platform, giving you the peace of mind that you are receiving the full benefits of the valuable features your software offers without sacrificing any security measures along the way. It’s as simple as that.


As API and platform integration continues to become the norm, so does the need for a solution that enables you to seamlessly – and SECURELY – connect multiple complex software solutions. And with more and more data is transferred across business networks, it is essential that you are operating within a completely trusted environment. That’s where KillerAppz® comes in to facilitate the secure communication between all of your applications, eliminating outside threats and improving efficiency.


But that’s not all. Like many of the large and small corporations we work with, there is a strong chance that you only use a small percentage (20% or less, in many cases) of the features and functionality of the software that you license from your vendors. This means that you are leaving critical features and functionality – which you are paying for – unused and on the table. Through our revolutionary integration platform, KillerAppz® helps your team re-enable the platforms and transform them into the killer applications that they were meant to be when you first licensed and purchased them. 


There is no time like the present, especially when it comes to securely integrating all of your organization’s key software platforms. Let our team of specialists run a through analysis of your current structure and paint a detailed picture of how KillerAppz® can take your cyber-security game to the next level. Request a consultation below!


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