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SOFTwarfare - next generation iPaaS (integration platform as a service)

Your company has numerous software applications that help to run, manage and protect your business. The stored data that these solutions contain, monitor, gather and produce become exponentially more valuable when they are shared to increase your business intelligence. This intelligence helps to make better decisions for your business and in many cases can help to automate those decisions and additional processes. SOFTwarfare has brought you KillerAppz which is an iPaaS or Integration Platform-as-a-Service that allows you to standardize an architecture of fully integrated systems working together for better and more secure business.

SOFTwarfare is nimble enough to help you share intelligence across your portfolio of technologies and use existing data to automate processes and create efficiencies in a secure and standardized methodology for integration. SOFTwarfare creates a well thought out equation for pro-active defense and response for your most important platforms to work together in a substantially steadfast approach for enterprise integration. How do we do this ? You can learn more about our products here.

SOFTwarfare™ - KillerAppz™

Your Product Partner and iPaaS (Integration Platform-as-a-Service)

Better strategy to improve your security intelligence integration between on premises and cloud applications will help to protect your business. Integration and shared security intelligence creates a more secure methodology with fewer possible points of failure and smaller attack surfaces across your technology environment.

™ gives you more security where you need it most. And with a better strategy for integration of your security solutions, you are able to better defend your perimeter and hardening the infrastructure and security of your business core.

KillerAppz - by SOFTwarfare ™ - solve your problem for DevSecOps

The old adage that if your security team is doing their job well, then it will be difficult for the rest of the company to do their's, is going the way of the buggy whip. Information security departments now must work fully in sync with the other departments at the company. Information security departments want to do this in the most automated and secure method possible. KillerAppz iPaaS helps you manage shared security at the speed of business.

The increased importance for physical and virtual security solutions to operate in real time and help the business make more intelligent decisions every day is also hard to ignore.  Network operations teams and information security experts are finding new middle ground to work together and use secure methods of development and release more frequently.  Many teams quickly must find the proper resources and methods to move to this more modern approach because it is a difficult problem to solve.  DevOps quickly has become DevSecOps and this requires important resources from cyber security departments and their engineering staff members to enable security to the rest of the organization.  KillerAppz is the platform for DevSecOps to be enabled to the rest of your organization in a consolidated and strategic manner serving up the security services and data needed for other departments to function at their highest most productive levels.