Defending Against SIM Swap Attacks with Biometrics

Take a look at your mobile phone. Chances are, this everyday device holds the key to your entire online identity – both personal and professional. While that is an incredible concept, it’s also a very serious one. Now more than ever, organizations must grant access to sensitive data to remote employees. Without proper safeguards in place, companies can easily fall prey to a SIM swap attack, making privileged data ripe for the picking.

What Is a SIM Swap Attack?

A SIM swap attack occurs when an attacker compromises a mobile device by convincing a carrier to switch a phone number to a SIM card they control. According to Wired, “by diverting your incoming messages, scammers can easily complete the text-based two-factor authentication checks that protect your most sensitive accounts.” This poses major security issues for companies who rely on basic multi-factor authorization measures that fall short of stopping SIM swap attacks each and every day.

How Can I Protect Myself from a SIM Swap Attack?

While the concept of a SIM Swap attack is fairly complex, the best way to prevent one is quite simple – biometrics. Biometrics, which rely on sophisticated authentication measures like iris scanning, fingerprint scanning, and facial recognition, are rapidly becoming the norm for individuals and organizations looking to safeguard their data.

In the event of a SIM swap attack, biometric authentication is the only line of defense that will fully prevent an attacker from accessing a user’s data. When biometric security measures are in place, it is impossible for an attacker to gain access to the critical data organizations must protect. And this is where solutions like BioThenticate® come in, ensuring that a user’s identity – not simply their device – is the actual method of clearance.

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Together, we can work towards the goal of neutralizing SIM swap attacks and more effectively securing your data.