BioThenticate™ is a next generation secure biometric authentication solution that is revolutionizing the way that software applications are secured through multi-factor authentication (MFA). Biometrics offer a level of security far-superior to traditional password protection with unique, specific-to-the-individual metrics that cannot be replicated by outside threats.  BioThenticate™ is built by security experts to allow network security departments to add an additional layer of security for mobile and enterprise users when deemed appropriate to defend your assets against cyber-attack.


Using various biometric methods, including high-speed Iris recognition and facial recognition technology for physical in-hand phone metrics, BioThenticate™ increases security and efficiency for your most critical software applications. Our proprietary best-in-class biometric software solution integrates seamlessly with your current network of cyber security applications to ensure that your users & valuable data is protected while enabling your team to focus on business goals.


Biometric authentication enables quick and painless access to remote software for your privileged employees and partners. It eliminates the cumbersome process of remembering and entering complex passwords without compromising on important security measures. Through integrating with smartphone capabilities, BioThenticate™ seamlessly leverages this advanced hardware to guard against external threats.


BioThenticate™ was developed with simple and seamless integration top-of-mind. Unlock the power of biometric authentication for your organization through simply modifying your existing authentication by adding our biometric MFA to your existing schema using just a few lines of code. Focusing on flexibility through open-source coding, the features of BioThenticate are fully-configurable to ensure that they are being used when necessary and are dormant when they are not.


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