Secure Biometric Authentication

Rethink Authentication

BioThenticate® is a next generation multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution. By utilizing patented biometric technology including iris, facial, and fingerprint scanning, BioThenticate® provides a secure and frictionless login experience for every user.


BioThenticate® combines our proprietary, high-speed iris and facial recognition with the biometric sensors that already exist on today’s smartphones. Complementary to existing identity and access management and MFA solutions, BioThenticate® provides you the ability to easily implement enhanced authentication. The platform integrates with your organization’s active directory, LDAP and identity governance tools. Additionally, BioThenticate® enables Zero Trust security by authenticating users to all resources and adopting a least privilege model to enforce access control.


Why BioThenticate®?

The workplace has fundamentally changed and the need to access highly sensitive corporate data, applications and systems remotely is more essential than ever before. BioThenticate® provides your business with the most secure form of multi-factor authentication by utilizing proprietary high-speed iris, facial, and fingerprint recognition to authenticate users in a matter of seconds. In fact, BioThenticate® is the only MFA tool with an iris scanning feature.


As cyber attacks continually become more sophisticated in nature, threat actors are often able to bypass traditional MFA methods through common social engineering and technical attacks. Biometric authentication provides an increased level of security by requiring a physical attribute to confirm the user’s identity, further safeguarding your most important data.


Equally as important as the safeguarding of data through biometrics, the BioThenticate® platform offers detailed real-time reporting on failed login attempts and irregular call requests to help your security team identify trends and re-allocate focus as needed.


BioThenticate helps enterprises…


  • Enable Zero Trust security


  • Embrace a passwordless future


  • Meet NIST 800-171 compliance requirements


  • Enhance identity and access management (IAM) programs


  • Secure remote privileged access


Deploy BioThenticate® today!

Gone are the days where entry-level MFA solutions will completely protect your organization and employees from an outside breach. Biometric security is here to stay and now is the perfect time to be at the forefront of this next-gen technology to keep your data safe.


Let our team of specialists run a thorough analysis of your current structure and paint a detailed picture of how BioThenticate® can take your cybersecurity game to the next level. Request a consultation below!


To learn more about BioThenticate®, request the data sheet.

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