We deliver high-quality, reliable and secure enterprise application integrations through RESTful APIs for Cyber, Ops & Dev.

Maximize Security


The average enterprise has invested in at least 25 cybersecurity technologies in order to secure the business’s data and applications. These tools require seamless integrations in order to improve security operations, manage risk, and drive value. Maintaining integrations can be complex and expensive. 


As technologies and environments evolve, compatibility issues can disrupt integrations and introduce operational risks and challenges.


Protect those investments and your organization with a single platform for mission critical integrations. 


We are a team of integration experts who help organizations get the most out of their security investments by simplifying integration strategy, improving operational outcomes, and maximizing security effectiveness. SOFTwarfare® establishes, secures, maintains, and monitors your integration environment, ensuring that your cybersecurity ecosystem is delivering true value while you focus on protecting the business. 


Secure API


APIs connect critical business and security applications in order to drive greater functionality and value, but also increase the overall attack surface of an enterprise. Organizations are challenged to identify, secure, and maintain API integrations.


“By 2022, APIs will be the most commonly targeted attack vector in the enterprise.”

- Gartner Security


SOFTwarfare® delivers a standard methodology and platform for establishing and maintaining integrations, incorporating security by design to create sustainable integrations without sacrificing security. All integrations are secured and validated to industry standards for authentication, authorization, data security, and encryption.


Our team secures and monitors your APIs, protecting you from cyberattack and preventing resulting business disruptions.

KillerAppz ® for the Cloud


Standardize a single methodology for cloud security application integration

KillerAppz ®  OnPremises

Harden your infrastructure by creating a single methodology that integrates your cyber security platforms

Support & Maintenance

Add new connections or modify your existing APIs, data feeds or scripts with ease

Automate And Orchestrate Security Programs

Security professionals are under tremendous pressure to maintain operational efficiency due to the rise in cyberattacks, limited resources, and expanding attack surfaces. In response, organizations have invested in numerous security tools to protect, detect, and respond to threats. In order to combat today’s threats, teams must respond quickly and share data to minimize the impact of attacks. Orchestration and automation is key to enabling security teams to effectively protect the business.  


SOFTwarfare® enables the automation and orchestration of tasks and processes by centrally connecting technologies, eliminating point to point integrations.  We provide configuration, security, management, and monitoring of your integrations, ensuring your cybersecurity program outcomes are delivered every time.


Securing Your Business Data, Systems And Devices

Our mission is to defend your assets against cyberattack by delivering innovative solutions and leveraging partnerships with industry-leading technology providers. 


SOFTwarfare® was founded by cybersecurity experts with the introduction of a simple software tool that solves one of the most common use cases found in every cybersecurity department - integration. Our founder, Wyatt Cobb, experienced firsthand the chaos that integrations can cause when they are not given the attention and resources they require.  


We believe that organizations should never have to compromise when it comes to cybersecurity. KillerAppz®, our integration platform as a service (IPaaS), was created to help cybersecurity teams standardize their integration methodology, empowering them to build the integration environment that best suits their needs without disrupting the business or compromising security. 


Our talented development team at SOFTwarfare® continues to deliver innovative technologies with the launch of our next generation, biometric multi-factor authentication solution, BioThenticate®. The addition of this proprietary biometric technology allows us to better serve our customers by enabling a zero trust security methodology and embracing a passwordless future.


SOFTwarfare® is built on a culture of innovation, discipline, and collaboration, making it one of Kansas City's greatest companies to work for. Our accelerated growth coincides with the broadening perception of Kansas City as a hotbed for cybersecurity talent. The area continues to experience massive growth in the healthcare, navigation, telecommunications, energy, and finance industries, making it an ideal testing ground for leading cybersecurity methodologies and architecture.

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