SOFTwarfare® is a comprehensive product platform partner that addresses software integration headaches that most of our customers face, one integration at a time. 

By delivering a thorough, secure equation for proactive defense and response, we enable your most important software platforms to work harmoniously together using a steadfast approach for enterprise integration. Don’t wait another day to unlock the full potential of your existing applications.



Introducing the KillerAppz® Platform, a revolutionary integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaas) that allows you to standardize an architecture of fully-integrated systems that work seamlessly together, resulting in a better, more secure business. Our product relieves your team of the complex API integrations that can be extremely expensive in terms of time and resources.

We deliver high quality, reliable and secure enterprise application integrations.

KillerAppz® Platform by SOFTwarfare®KillerAppz® in Cloud or
On-Premises or Cloud-Hybrid Model


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