Healthcare organizations are responsible for protecting sensitive data that cybercriminals find extremely lucrative. Whether you’re a healthcare provider, research institute, or medical device company, there is a major target on your back. Even worse, the new technologies constantly being introduced to the environment to streamline operations or patient care can often expose the organization to new vulnerabilities, ultimately increasing the likelihood of a breach.


SOFTwarfare® is dedicated to defending the valuable assets of healthcare organizations from cyberattack by securing mission critical integrations and users by delivering a secure Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) and next-generation, biometric multi-factor authentication (MFA).  


By partnering with SOFTwarfare®, you can achieve the following:

Accelerate Integration 

Projects are frequently delayed due to time-consuming integration builds. Expedite projects by quickly connecting technologies with PangaeAPI, our fully managed iPaaS solution.


Maximize Investments

Get the most out of your existing cybersecurity tools by leveraging a standardized methodology of integration for increased visibility and security.


Limit Attack Surfaces

API connections are typically built for functionality not security, leaving you vulnerable to an API attack. We reduce attack surfaces with continuous API monitoring and biometric authentication to ensure integrations are secure and functional and your network is only accessible to verified users.

Minimize Risk

We establish integrations to our client’s unique needs, secure APIs to industry standards, and maintain integrations through versioning updates and environmental changes.


Create Efficiency

By integrating security technologies in order to orchestrate and automate security processes, healthcare organizations can maximize the efficiency of limited staff and resources.    


Enhance Visibility

Healthcare organizations often struggle to access siloed data from multiple systems. By leveraging a fully managed platform like PangaeAPI, providers can have a holistic view of their risk landscape and a centralized location for compliance artifacts.

Use Cases

Identity & Access Management

Enhance Identity and Access Management programs by centralizing integration between directory services, identity governance, privileged account management, multi-factor authentication and business applications. PangaeAPI allows security teams to simplify integration while implementing and enforcing customizable and technology-agnostic processes to ensure that critical data is safeguarded from attack. Meanwhile, BioThenticate® strengthens legacy authentication solutions with biometrics including proprietary iris recognition software, for secure remote and privileged access.

Governance Risk & Compliance Integration

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) or Integrated Risk Management (IRM) solutions help organizations meet compliance requirements such as HIPAA and HITECH but are not built with integration in mind and are often overly cumbersome. The PangaeAPI platform seamlessly integrates GRC and IRM solutions and automates the data sets pulled from the vast array of technologies used across the enterprise. This allows you to review and share reports with auditors all from one easily accessible location without the burden of managing a complex integration environment.

Zero Trust Security

Remove static, network based perimeters from your cybersecurity defenses by implementing a Zero Trust Security framework. Zero Trust utilizes a more evolved approach that focuses on users, assets, and resources. We integrate all of your necessary controls and data sources in order to “Never Trust, Always Verify” all users, devices, applications, data and networks to enable a Zero Trust architecture.