Identity & Access Management

Unify governance, privileged access management, and multi-factor authentication

To meet the demands of a modern workplace, companies must allow employees to access highly sensitive corporate data, applications and systems remotely. As a result, an airtight strategy for Identity and Access Management has never been more crucial to the organization’s security posture.


Successful Identity and Access Management programs require tight integration between directory services, identity governance, privileged account management, multi-factor authentication and business applications. These integrations can be complex while most organizations lack the development resources to build, maintain, and monitor these crucial connections.


With our PangaeAPI™ platform and BioThenticate® biometric multi-factor authentication solution, security teams can now simplify integration while implementing and enforcing customizable and technology-agnostic processes to ensure that critical data is safeguarded from attack and identity and access management processes are properly integrated in order to deliver:

  • Account life-cycle

  • New user on-boarding

  • Contractor & external partner access

  • Automation of enforcement

  • Directory services

  • Privileged Access Management (PAM) with flexible customization capability

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) including biometric authentication support

  • Application on-boarding

  • Zero Trust Security policies

  • Identify governance & enforcement