The emergence of the fourth industrial revolution has led to a rapid digital transformation amongst manufacturers including the adoption of robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics. While the growing use of the industrial internet of things (IIoT) is great for expanded supply chains and increased automation, it also increases the risk of cyberattack for companies in the manufacturing industry.


Manufacturers are so essential to our modern world, they are at the center of several other critical infrastructure sectors including energy, chemical, food/agriculture, health, transportation, and water. As supply chains expand across the globe, manufacturers are exposed to more threats caused by cyber criminals or geopolitical conflict. Should a cyber attack occur, the effects on the manufacturer could be devastating including forced plant closures, corrupt IT systems, complete shut down of certain systems, and reputational damage.


It is no secret that cybersecurity teams are overwhelmed with the responsibility of protecting the business. You’ve invested in a multitude of tools to help but with limited development resources available, each new technology becomes a new integration project. As new solutions are added, the complexity of your cybersecurity ecosystem grows, making it nearly impossible to maintain secure integrations or access data.


SOFTwarfare’s PangaeAPI and BioThenticate® solutions help manufacturers simplify overly complex integration environments and continuously validate users with privileged access to sensitive data and systems to defend your assets from cyber attack.