SOFTwarfare® Introduces BioThenticate®, the New Industry Standard for Biometric Authentication Solutions
 June 2020 | Press Release

Rapid increase in remote access demands frictionless user authentication. BioThenticate delivers the passwordless future with next-generation, biometric multi-factor authentication.

KANSAS CITY, Mo., June 15, 2020 (Newswire.com) - SOFTwarfare®, the leader in cybersecurity integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS), has today launched BioThenticate® to revolutionize the way that data and software applications are secured through multi-factor authentication (MFA). Built by industry-leading security experts, BioThenticate® allows cybersecurity teams to add an additional layer of security for mobile and enterprise users when deemed appropriate to defend critical assets against cyber attacks.

The dramatic shift to a remote workforce as a result of COVID-19 has increased the demand for enhanced identity and access management. BioThenticate® changes the game for enterprises that are securing privileged accounts and enabling secure remote access. Through implementing Zero Trust security with continuous and escalated authentication, companies can embrace a passwordless future with peace of mind.

BioThenticate® leverages various biometric methods that can be implemented with today’s smartphones, including high-speed Iris recognition, fingerprint scanning and facial recognition technology, to increase security and efficiency for critical data and software applications. This proprietary, best-in-class biometric software solution integrates seamlessly with currently deployed cybersecurity applications to ensure that users & valuable data are protected while enabling teams to focus on business goals.

Biometrics offer a level of security far-superior to traditional password protection with unique, specific-to-the-individual metrics that cannot be replicated by outside threats, and BioThenticate® is an easy-to-deploy solution for any organization looking to further safeguard their data and applications. This is especially true for companies looking to adopt a frictionless way to implement MFA in response to NIST 800-171, mandatory for DoD Contractors.

Starting today, companies can try BioThenticate® for 33-days or contact the SOFTwarfare® team of experts to begin a conversation about how BioThenticate® can bring their software application security to the next level and eliminate threats, allowing focus to be spent on business goals and bottom-line results.

To learn more about SOFTwarfare® and its suite of network security products, or for technical and business inquiries, please contact support@softwarfare.com or (202) 854-9268.

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