Solutions: API Integration


API Integration Solution

Traditionally, organizations have leveraged consultants, vendor supplied connectors, internal teams, and API gateways to manage integrations. We offer a fully managed Integration Platform as a Service, or IPaaS, that reduces the need for dedicated resources and expensive tools, allowing you to build your ideal cybersecurity environment. Teams no longer have to compromise based on resource availability or tool compatibility. 


The SOFTwarfare® Difference

Centralizing API integrations into a platform with expert support creates the freedom to choose any technology with the peace of mind that desired functionality will be achieved and integration will be secure and well-maintained.  


Our collaborative partnerships with leading technology companies give us early access to product releases, ensuring that integrations are current and simplifying the addition of new tools into your security tool environment.


We establish, secure, monitor, and maintain your API integrations so you can focus on cybersecurity outcomes and your business goals.


Build Your Ideal Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Investments in cybersecurity programs continue to grow, and the addition of  new technologies to environments require integration in order to deliver maximum value.  


We create a standard methodology for building and securing mission critical integrations, giving you the freedom to use the technologies that best suit your business needs, regardless of tool compatibility. 


We simplify and secure integrations within the platform, ensuring that connectors are continuously monitored for optimal functionality and security.


Let us help you maximize the value of your existing assets and protect your investments.


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