Solutions: Bio-Factor Authentication

Biometric Multi-Factor Authentication

Employees from all areas of your business need to access data remotely and securely. Unfortunately, security is rarely the primary concern for most end users even though it is top of mind for your security team.


The use of multi-factor authentication (MFA) has become a standard practice for many organizations, however most existing MFA solutions lack the additional security layer of biometrics. Without utilizing biometric authentication, hackers can easily circumvent a MFA tool through common social engineering and technical attacks, leaving your organization vulnerable to a breach.


The SOFTwarfare® Difference

We can strengthen your existing MFA solution by layering biometric authentication methods including iris scanning, facial recognition and fingerprint scanning to continuously verify users and keep your data safe.

Our biometrics-as-a-service authentication platform, BioThenticate®, utilizes proprietary iris recognition technology to securely verify everything from remote users accessing the network to mission critical cybersecurity workflows.


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