Solutions: Zero Trust Security

Enable Zero Trust Security

The Zero Trust security framework is built upon three main principles:


  • Require secure and authenticated access to all resources

  • Adopt a least privilege policy and enforce access control

  • Inspect and log everything



SOFTwarfare® enables a Zero Trust architecture by integrating all of the necessary controls and data sources in order to “Never Trust, Always Verify” all users, devices, applications, data and networks. Implementing the PangaeAPI™ platform ensures that all critical integrations are functional and secure.


The SOFTwarfare® Difference

Identity is foundational to the Zero Trust framework. In addition to integrating identity and access management solutions to support Zero Trust, SOFTwarfare® provides next gen biometric authentication with BiotThenticate®. Using patented iris recognition technology, BioThenticate® is the most secure method for enhanced authentication and enforcement of a least privileged access model for sensitive data and systems. 


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