Government entities are faced with the unique challenge of defending against well funded cybercriminals and sophisticated nation-state threat actors while complying with regulations and mandated frameworks.  With more access to sensitive data than ever before and environments that now include the cloud and IoT, government entities must prioritize cybersecurity.


 SOFTwarfare® is dedicated to defending government assets from cyberattack by securing mission critical integrations and users by delivering a secure Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) and next-generation, biometric multi-factor authentication (MFA) to local, state, and federal agencies.  

By partnering with SOFTwarfare®, you can achieve the following:

Accelerate Integration 

Projects are frequently delayed due to time-consuming integration builds. Expedite projects by quickly connecting technologies with PangaeAPI, our fully managed iPaaS solution.


Maximize Investments

Get the most out of your existing cybersecurity tools by leveraging a standardized methodology of integration for increased visibility and security.


Limit Attack Surfaces

API connections are typically built for functionality not security, leaving you vulnerable to an API attack. Our centralized integration platform reduces your attack surfaces by continuously monitoring your API integrations to ensure secure and functional connections at all times.


Minimize Risk

We establish integrations to our client’s unique needs, secure APIs to industry standards, and maintain integrations through versioning updates and environmental changes.

Leverage Historical Data

Ingest and back propagate historical identity governance, authentication, vulnerability management, and threat intelligence data in order to identify key trends to anticipate future attacks.


Create Efficiency

By integrating security technologies in order to orchestrate and automate security processes, government organizations can maximize the efficiency of limited staff and resources.  


Enhance Visibility

According to a study by the Ponemon Institute, only 23% of organizations in the public sector claimed to have sufficient visibility into their attack surface. By leveraging a fully managed platform like PangaeAPI, government entities can have a holistic view of their risk landscape.

Use Cases

Anticipatory Intelligence

Forecast security events to proactively mitigate threats and reduce uncertainty. PangaeAPI allows you to ingest and correlate data from multiple sources including threat intelligence feeds, security tools, and past security events to prevent future attacks.

Zero Trust Security

Remove static, network based perimeters from your cybersecurity defenses by implementing a Zero Trust Security framework. Zero Trust utilizes a more evolved approach that focuses on users, assets, and resources. We integrate all of your necessary controls and data sources in order to “Never Trust, Always Verify” all users, devices, applications, data and networks to enable a Zero Trust architecture.



NIST Compliance 

We help agencies meet NIST 800-171 compliance requirements by providing a secure and standardized methodology for integrating mission critical assets, verifying users with continuous and step-up authentication, and enabling the automation and orchestration of security workflows. 


Identity & Access Management

Enhance Identity and Access Management programs by centralizing integration between directory services, identity governance, privileged account management, multi-factor authentication and business applications. With our PangaeAPI platform and BioThenticate® biometric multi-factor authentication solution, security teams can now simplify integration while implementing and enforcing customizable and technology-agnostic processes to ensure that critical data is safeguarded from attack.